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Mansfield Mission Center provides compassionate community members the opportunity to support our neighbors on a pathway to greater health and wellbeing.  Your generous donations of finances, gently-used items and your valuable time allow us the opportunity to care for our neighbors in need. Mansfield Mission Center is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.

You can learn more about our community impact and financial stewardship here.

4 Ways to Donate to Mansfield Mission Center

Donate here

Make a financial donation to meet the immediate needs of your neighbors.

Thrift Store Items

Donate your gently-used items to our Thrift Store.

Gift-in-kind Items

Contribute goods and services from your business.

Volunteer Your time

Volunteer in face-to-face ministry or behind the scenes.

Make a Financial Donation to Our Mission

We invite you to make a donation through our online portal here.

Should you prefer to mail or drop-off your donation, our main office is located at 78 Regency Parkway, Mansfield TX 76063.

If you have questions or require additional help, please contact us at 817.473.6650 or email us at

Donate to Our Thrift Store

More than half of the work we do is funded by the revenue generated by our thrift store. By shopping at and donating items to our thrift store, you are helping to keep our programs going.

Our vow to you is to be good stewards of the items we are given. We clean and repair items before they are set out to be sold and what we’re not able to sell we recycle accordingly.

Clothing and household goods donated to the thrift store are sold at very low cost, allowing community members to buy essential items for the family. Families who are in crisis, receiving services through our programs and qualify are able to shop the store with free vouchers to help get their family back on a path to self-sustaining. 

Donations are accepted at our donation drop off in the rear of the store during store hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm. We are located at 703 E. Broad St., Mansfield TX 76063.

We appreciate your donations of gently used household items, accessories, clothing, toys, furniture, and electronics.

Thank you for supporting Mansfield ISD families!

We do not accept mattresses, sleeper sofas, paint or other flammables, drop-side cribs or non-digital TVs.
We are no longer able to pick up donations.

Donate Gift-in-Kind Items

Gifts-in-Kind are tangible items donated to an organization. They help save financial resources resulting in more funds being invested into vital work assisting vulnerable individuals and families. 

Donating goods is a great way for a businesses to dispose of returned items or end of line stock, while freeing up space for new inventory. It also reduces waste, and prevents the use of landfill by many companies. Your donation will enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy – inarguably an important part of every business’s agenda.

Gifts-in-Kind food items donated to our food market are a tangible way you, your family, or business can help provide food for families in need. Donated items help reduce the financial obligation required to care for the growing needs in the greater Mansfield area. 

Gifts-in-Kind are also a tax-efficient way of supporting Mansfield Mission Centre. If you donate goods, you can claim the cost of these goods in your business accounts or your personal tax filings. Please refer to the IRS website for more information.

For more information regarding potential Gift-in-Kind needs, please contact us at

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Mansfield Mission Center is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

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