Making a Difference in Our Community

Our Program Model

Our vision is for everyone in our community to thrive. It is our mission to provide pathways to healthy and purposeful lives.

We believe in a holistic approach to journeying with people so we focus on the physical, mental, relational and spiritual elements of health and wellbeing.

Mansfield Mission Center Health & Wellbeing Model

We seek to provide pathways to health and wellbeing by focusing on these outcomes.

Physical Wellbeing

Live an active life energized by healthy food, stable finances, adequate clothing and access to medical care and information.

Mental Wellbeing

Demonstrate positive self-esteem and manage stress as a foundation to experience and offer love to others.

Relational Wellbeing Elements

Build meaningful relationships with  supportive friends, cope with conflict, find belonging and engagement with family and community.

Spiritual Wellbeing Elements

Articulate a life of purpose and meaning in which each expresses gratitude and embrace a future-oriented hope for their families and community.

Our Objectives and Indicators

We seek to provide pathways to health and wellbeing by focusing on these outcomes:

Physical Wellbeing Elements

Food —
Healthy and nutritious

Finances —
Stable and sufficient

Physical Health —
Nurtured and active

Mental Wellbeing Elements

Self-esteem —
Positive and confident

Stress Management —
Constructive and practiced

Love —
Experienced and expressed

Relational Wellbeing Elements

Peer Network —
Nurturing and supportive

Relationships —
Peaceful and fulfilling

Community —
Belonging and engagement

Spiritual Wellbeing Elements

Purpose —
Pursued and fruitful

Gratitude —
Identified and experienced

Hope —
Future-oriented and expressed

Snapshot of 2022 Impact

During 2022, with our dedicated staff and volunteers, we can report the following impact in our community.

      • 782 individual attended medical visits
      • 63 people received vision appointments
      • 1121 lab appointments were completed
      • $279, 856 annual patient savings
      • 3000+ individuals and families received healthy found from the Mission Market
      • 129 individuals completed PARx diabetes training
      • 12 individuals attended job coaching
      • 47 indivduals accessed financial coaching
      • 214 neighbours received resource assistance
      • 970 volunteers contributed 20,780 hours to community members


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