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Group Volunteer Application

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I understand that volunteering is a commitment to work with Mansfield Mission Center to make a difference in our community. If selected I agree to respect the Mansfield Mission Center mission, vision, values, and represent Mansfield Mission Center in a positive and professional manner, to show up when scheduled, work hard, and to have fun. I grant to Mansfield Mission Center the right to photograph or record me on video and to use my name, voice and/or likeness for promotional purposes and on social media platforms related to the Mansfield Mission Center. By disclosing my email, I agree that Mansfield Mission Center may contact me for the purpose of advising me about any of the Mansfield Mission Center programs or services, or for such other purpose(s) as the Mansfield Mission Center deems appropriate. I understand that the volunteer activities I may be asked to perform may involve physical activity, contact with unidentified and unfamiliar persons, travel to and from unspecified locations, and other potential risks of injury. Knowing this, I agree to take responsibility for my own personal safety when participating in any volunteer opportunities. I agree to participate only in volunteer activities of which I am physically capable without risk of injury to myself. I assume any and all risk in connection with my volunteer efforts or participation, including without limitation risk of any accident or injury to person or property, which I may sustain in connection with my participation. In addition, I hereby release and discharge Mansfield Mission Center and any of its directors, officers, employees, partners, affiliates, agents and successors from any and all liability or responsibility for any such accident or injury.

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